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It's all you need for simple and reliable crop management. The Bluelab Combo Meter is a portable pH, conductivity and temperature meter all in one. If you are experiencing problems with yellow leaves, or slow stunted growth, the Bluelab Combo Meter will soon tell you if each parameter is within the..
Bluelab Conductivity Pen (EC or ppm)
-10 %
The Bluelab Conductivity Pen simply tells you that your plants have the right amount of nutrient in your solution and lets you know if adjustments are needed. To feed plants well, we need to know what we're feeding them. Start with a quality nutrient. Measuring the conductivity every day is the bes..
175.50лв. 195.00лв.
Bluelab EC-Meter Truncheon
-10 %
The World’s favorite conductivity meter. Simply brilliant, brilliantly simple! It is essential when growing with a hydroponic solution to KNOW what the strength of the solution is before feeding your plants AND while they are growing. If the conductivity reading is too low, your plants may not be g..
206.10лв. 229.00лв.
bluelab Guardian Monitor, pH/EC-Monitor The bluelab Guardian Monitor (bluelab permanent meter) is a device for constantly measuring temperature, EC and pH levels in nutrient solution so that these parameters cn be adjusted to an optimum setting in each growth phase. In just one device the Guardian ..
584.25лв. 615.00лв.
Bluelab Multimedia pH Meter
-22 %
Fast, accurate pH measurement in nutrient solution and root-zone from the palm of your hand. Combine the Bluelab® Multimedia pH Meter andBluelab® LeapTM pH Probe to take fast accuratemeasurements in nutrient solution, soil, coco coir,rockwool, potting mix and many other media types. Calibration is..
498.42лв. 639.00лв.
Handsfree monitoring and dosing of solution pH levels.We all know that different pH levels can mean either a sumptuous harvest or a complete disaster, and manually measuring and adjusting the levels in a nutrient solution really takes time. Our smart pH controller automatically monitors and fine-tu..
Bluelab pH Pen
-15 %
• Measures pH value and temperature • Selectable °C & °F scales • Back-lit display • Double pH electrodes • Displays successful calibration • Hold function • Water-proof • Auto-off • Automatic temperature compensation Technical specifications: • Scales: EC, 500 ppm, 700 ppm, °C, °F • Measure..
191.25лв. 225.00лв.
The Bluelab pH Probe is a replacement pH probe (electrode) suitable for use with Bluelab products that test the pH value of a solution. Unfortunately pH Probes do not last forever as they age through normal use and will eventually fail. With good care and use (keeping the probe tip wet and cleaning..
Quickly and consistently measure moisture, nutrient (measured in conductivity) and temperature directly in the root zone without the need for pour-throughs, slurries or extractions. Pulse connects directly to your smartphone via the Pulse app for automated data collection, measurement comparison, s..
Bluelab Soil pH Meter
-10 %
The pH level of soils, substrates or media strongly influences crop performance. Do you know what the pH of your soil is? pH Soil testing made simple! Most soils have a natural buffer for nutrients and pH, but when it goes wrong, it goes really wrong and fast. Yellow leaves, stunted growth, slow g..
400.50лв. 445.00лв.
Bluelab Soil pH Tester Bluelab Soil pH Tester
-22 %
The ultimate handy solution for measuring soil pH and temperature!The Bluelab Soil pH Pen provides a pH and temperature reading of soils and media, so you know that the right nutrients will be made available to your plants. In soils or growing media, pH strongly influences the availability of the mi..
295.62лв. 379.00лв.
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