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Janeco Light Mix 50L

Janeco Light Mix 50L

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Janeco Light Mix 50L
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  • Model: 106111
  • Weight: 11.70kg
  • SKU: 106111

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Janeco lightmix is an ideal base substrate on which virtually any crop can be grown well. The lightly fertilized soil has the advantage that even the somewhat more 'difficult' species do not become overfertilized quickly. In addition to a light dose of fertilizer, Janeco lightmix also contains perlite, so that the substrate remains sufficiently airy and an optimum water management is created. When growing on Janeco lightmix it could be that you do not need to add nutrition during the first three weeks, depending on the number of plants and size of the pots. The soil mixture contains sufficient fertilizer for the first two weeks. After this period Atami advises to add liquid fertilizer to the crop for optimal results.

EC: 1,00 - 1,25