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Janeco lightmix is an ideal base substrate on which virtually any crop can be grown well. The lightly fertilized soil has the advantage that even the somewhat more 'difficult' species do not become overfertilized quickly. In addition to a light dose of fertilizer, Janeco lightmix also contains perli..
Bi Grow Mix is an organically fertilized soil with a rather airy structure and free from harmful fungi. This makes it a good foundation for successful growing. The plants can root on it directly from the initial stage onwards, and then develop further in size. As far as the amount and ratio of ferti..
The daddy of the Atami soil mixes! A heavily fertilised mix containing slow release organic nutrients, added worm humus for increased nitrogen content and bat guano for increased phosphorus content and heavy blooms. Transplant into Atami Kilo Mix after 2 - 3 weeks of growth and only give additiona..
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