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Ginkgo biloba bonsai

Ginkgo biloba bonsai

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Ginkgo biloba bonsai
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When planting bonsai from seed, it is most likely to determine the shape and form of the tree from the beginning. It takes more time to grow tree from seed, but when you use flat container, it grows more stockythan shoots found in the woods.

What you should know: Ginkgo is a plant whose leaves are fan-shaped and is like a mix of coniferous and deciduous tree. It is absolutely adaptable to all climate conditions.

Origin: Widespread in Europe by 1750 year, but it is most common in Asia.

Propagation: Sowing seeds at home is possible all year round. Rub with sandpaper seeds the size of a hazelnut, then soak them overnight in water at room temperature. Then place the seeds in moist soil and lightly cover them. At 20 ° -25 ° germination takes about 3-4 weeks, if the climate is cooler, germination will last twice as long.

Place / light: Each location is suitable. Seedlings and young plants should be protected from the bright sun.

Watering and fertilizing: Watch out for regular watering. Otherwise, the leaves of the young plant will turn yellow and wilted. To provide nutrients most suitable is organic fertilizer. Use it from mid-April to October.

Pruning: It is best to leave ginkgo to grow freely. Only new shoots should be trimmed to 4 leaves.

Soil: 2/3 clay garden soil and 1/3 sand.