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ADWA Waterproof EC tester

ADWA Waterproof EC tester
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ADWA Waterproof EC tester
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  • Model: AD32
  • Weight: 0.15kg
  • SKU: AD32

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AD32 are waterproof Conductivity, TDS and temperature testers. The housing has been completely sealed against humidity. All Conductivity and TDS readings are automatically temperature compensated (ATC), and temperature values can be displayed in °C or °F units. The Conductivity/TDS conversion factor (CONV) can be selected by the user, as well as the coefficient ß (BETA) for temperature compensation. The instruments can be calibrated at one point. Measurements are highly accurate with a unique stability indicator right on the LCD. The models are also provided with a low battery symbol which warns the user when the batteries need to be replaced.
The AD32P probe supplied with the meters, is interchangeable and can be easily replaced by the user. The encapsulated temperature sensor allows fast and accurate temperature measurement and compensation.