Prosystem AQUA - Всичко за вашите растения!

ProsystemAqua is a Spanish company with an international focus that has managed to break into the European and global market in general. Despite its youth, ProsystemAqua has extensive experience in the field of water treatment in all its forms.

We constantly work for the environment, solving any incident related to water purification and control. This means that the automatic controllers manufactured by ProsystemAqua precisely control factors such as pH levels, conductivity, nutrients, irrigation times, and water temperature. This precision requires constant and accurate measurement provided by ProsystemAqua controllers, in order to maintain ideal and stable water values for any application we use.

The automated control unit for the control and maintenance of EC and pH is a simple to use system that allows to continuously measure and automatically adjust the pH and EC values ??of the nutrient solution.It was designed to be the simplest and most functional nutrient and pH controller on the mark..
Prosystem AQUA is a system of automatic nutrient control and pH, ideal for hydroponics. It is able to apply different types of fertilizer individually or simultaneously and regulate the pH of the environment.The fertilizer dosage is automatic based on continuous EC measurement, using a constant wate..
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