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HPS  bloom lamp GIB Lighting Flower Spectre 400W
-15 %
The GIB Lighting Flower Spectre HPS is our standart series for all plant lovers wishing to cultivate successfully who still set store by a low initial budget. Ideal too for hobby gardeners, indoor gardeners and for over wintering tropical plants, since very low wattages are available...
46.75лв. 55.00лв.
-15 %
Using a clean cloth to hold the lamp, screw the lamp into the E40 bulb-holder fitting of your reflector. Always screw the lamp into the lamp-holder in your reflector as tightly as possible by gripping the lamp with a clean, dry cloth. If the lamp is not screwed in as tightly as possible, arcing can ..
46.75лв. 55.00лв.
Specially developed for maximum bloom light Philips Master SON-T PIA (Philips Integrated Antenna) Green Power 400W  is specially developed for maximum bloom light. It is a high pressure sodium lamp  among the most efficient light sources available for horticulture.    Son-t Pia GreenPower Philips..
ON is the Philips name for arange of high-quality highpressure sodium lamps.The Philips MASTER SON(-T)PIA PLUS and the MASTERSON(-T) PIA Hg-Free are highpressure sodium lamps with PIA (Philips Integrated Antenna) technology. The sintered aluminum oxide discharge tube with integrated antenna is enclo..
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