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Cooltube Ø 150 x 580 mm

Cooltube Ø 150 x 580 mm
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Cooltube Ø 150 x 580 mm
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  • Model: L2020
  • Weight: 3.00kg
  • SKU: L2020

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Available with 125mm (5”) or 150mm (6”) flanges. Hang the Cool Tube above your using place with the reflector for a powerful beam of air-cooled light. Remove the reflector and use in in vertical way for super-efficient 360 - degree light spread!

What makes Prima Klima’s Cool Tube really special is its use of Miro9 material for inside and outside the reflector, giving an incredible 97% reflectivity! Its super-sturdy plastic flanges offer increased efficiency with less heat build-up than metallic alternatives and extra electrical insulation.

Produced in Europe and adherent to all safety regulations—the Cool Tube comes complete with a screw kit.