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To adapt a light bulb Philips chutzpah PGZX18 to a reflector with socket E40.Or to adapt a reflector with socket E40 to a socket T12. To adapt a light bulb Philips chutzpah PGZX18 to a reflector with socket E40. For use with : A reflector Daylight Maxigrow equipped with a light bulb socket T12An ..
OSRAM LP PAR 38 GREEN 13 W E27- Ideal for work in gardening projects- Energy saving and durable LED technology- Very good color rendering index (RA> 80)- No mercury..
C-14 Cable to connect Plug&Play ballasts to the reflector. Length of 1,5 meters...
Cable Set 3m with plug + 4m water resistant..
- Daily Lighting Management- Up to 4 zones with 1020 DLI fixtures and 4 sensors- Easy-to-use menu in 6 languages- RJ12 sockets and SD card slot The DLM-4 Zone Controller is specially designed to set up a Daily Lighting Management system. It can be connected to up to 4 separate zones of DLI lighting..
This convenient, practical, hands free headlight has 17 high intensity LED bulbs that can be used with different settings (strobe, full and partial) the light can be tilted to maximise its efficiency. 100,000+ hours of burn time. Ideal for viewing your plants or applying foliar feed or pestecides..
HiGrade lets you test the percentage of active compounds of your medicinal flowers, straight from your mobile phone! Use this powerful tool to dose your medicine, or just to be more mindful about what you put in your body. Cultvating your own plant? Use the Grower features to diagnose and treat pla..
LED Scope, Pocket-Microscope, magnification 60 times Practical mini microscope with LED light and UV light Description - 60 x magnification - With LED light and UV light - Includes distance lens for the perfect focus - Bright daylight LEDs - Dimensions ca.: 3.7 x 3.5 x 1.9 cm - Weight ca.: 18 g ..
The LUMATEK Control Panel PLUS 2.0 (HID+LED) is a dual signal digital lighting controller that offers precise external control of your Lumatek lighting fixtures, drivers and ballasts. Using innovative technology, this controller smartly monitors your grow room temperatures, light timing & intensity ..
This 5m long Control Link Cable is designed to daisy-chain your LUMATEK Controllable LED Fixtures allowing a stable and precise connection without any interference. Simply connect the M12 Self-locking male plug into the Signal Out LED structure output and the M12 Self-locking female plug into the Si..
Mechanical timer - shortest circuit 15 min. Current up to 16 A (max. 3 x 400 W or 2 x 600 W - Lamps)..
The Easy roller is a handy tool to hang your lights. The advantage of the Easy roller is that you can easily hang your lights at the right height.  The Easy roller is designed for a maximum weight of 5 kg. This is sufficient for most lamps.  - Set of 2  - 5 kg max per Easy roller  - Including screw..
SYLVANIA PAR 38 Green 80W 240V Green light for working within the plan't dark period..
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