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Wilma 4 Pot System

Wilma 4 Pot System

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Wilma 4 Pot System
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  • Model: ATA01
  • Weight: 6.78kg
  • SKU: ATA01

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The Wilma Four-Pot System is a versatile drip-feed watering system that can be used with several different growing media and is ideal for beginners and experienced growers alike.

The Wilma should provide better results than hand watering in traditional pots and for the best results we recommend using clay pebbles.

The four-pot system uses a 30 litre tank with four 11 litre pots on top, although it is possible to use Air Pots instead as the three litre versions will fit right in. If you are using Air Pots please ensure you specify the correct bases as there are standard bases for soil and coco as well as ‘hydro edition’ for clay pebbles.

The Wilma Four-Pot System measures 69cm long x 58cm wide x 43cm high