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Wilma 10 Pot System

Wilma 10 Pot System

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Wilma 10 Pot System
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  • Model: ATA02
  • Weight: 9.10kg
  • SKU: ATA02

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The Wilma Ten Pot System is a drip feed system suitable for use with any medium whether it’s soil, coco or clay.

Using a slightly smaller pot size than the eight pot system, this Wilma is a good choice if you are working with a low ceiling and prefer to grow more plants to a smaller size but want a system that takes up no additional floor space.

Drip feed systems should provide better results than traditional hand watering as the plants have continual access to the nutrients they require. We have also found that the best results can be obtained by using clay.

The Wilma Ten Pot System measures 116cm long x 58cm wide x 43cm high and features ten 6.5 litre pots over a 60 litre nutrient tank.