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growRACK modular 1.0/25

growRACK modular 1.0/25

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growRACK modular 1.0/25
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  • Model: 107634
  • Weight: 3.85kg
  • SKU: 107634

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growRACK Modular 1.0/ 25

Made from anodised aluminium profiles and plastic connectors, the growRACK is robust yet light-weighing, corrosion-resistant and easy to dispatch.

- Individual growRACKs can be adapted to storage tanks and plant trays
- Easy to assemble
- Robust and corrosion resistant
- Expandable
- Flexible adjustable height
- Adjustable individual angle of tilt
- No sagging of flood table
- Light-weighing (suitable for postal mailing)
- Ideal for beginners

To allow two or more modules to be connected together, the growRACK modular also offers connection sets, which are available separately. These simplify the aligning and adjusting of a specific angle of tilt using a spirit level. The growRACK modular allows all beginners to acquire a totally space-saving support frame for their flood table at a low price.

fits growTABLE 1.0