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Another excellent mother plant chamber—and versatile enough for cuttings and vegetative development, the new GL80 v 2.0 accommodates a 2' x 2' tray or dozens of small pots—the choice is yours. Most growers choose a 250-watt HID lighting system for mother plants or a 2' T5 fluorescent lighting system..
The GrowLab™ GL100 v 2.0 is the perfect way to realize your growing ambitions. Its ten square feet of floor space is perfectly lit with a single 400-watt grow light while the two generously proportioned viewing window allows you to quickly check on your plants without disturbing their growing enviro..
Hydroponic growers and soil lovers alike are totally smitten with the GrowLab™ 120 v 2.0 – not least because it perfectly accommodates a 3’ x 3’ growing table (i.e. flood and drain, NFT multi-duct, or dripper system) with a little extra space around the side for overhanging plants. You can illuminat..
GROWLAB CLONELAB (125x65x120CM) De Grow Lab CloneLab is de perfecte stekken ruimte.Deze GrowLab CloneLab is geschikt voor de meerlagenteelt of voor het huisvesten van 4 stekken trays per laag. Deze stekkentent heeft 2 lagen. Aanbevolen verlichting voor deze Clonelab stekkentent zijn naar keuze de P..
424.80лв. 531.00лв.
A truly versatile growing solution, the GL80L v 2.0 is used by growers for both growing up juvenile plants and flowering off to harvest. It’s perfectly proportioned to accommodate a single 2' x 4' tray basking underneath a 250 or 400-watt lighting system. Alternatively, some growers prefer to use a ..
For enterprising indoor gardeners, the GL145 v 2.0 offers additional space and growing potential. Perfect for housing a single 4' x 4' tray, the GL145 v 2.0 is well illuminated by a 600 or 1000-watt lighting system. Its durable metal zipper and seams have been upgraded to provide even more strength ..
One of our most popular choices, the GL120L v 2.0 was originally conceived as a super productive flowering chamber although larger growers enjoy the vegetative potential of this generously proportioned grow tent too. Your 3' x 6' tray will fit perfectly into the GL120L v 2.0 as will two 600-watt lig..
If you need a serious flow of cuttings in your life then the HomeLab 60 is just the job. Its enlarged footprint means it can also double-up as a vegetative / grow chamber for bringing cuttings up to the required size for flowering. We recommend lighting this grow tent with 2′ T5 fluorescent multipl..
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