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Secret Jardin Intense

SECRET JARDIN INT480 INTENSE 480X300X215CM The Secret Jardin Intense 480 is a superior grow tent from the top segment, designed for professionals. Linkable to other Pro Range Intense tents, the Intense line allows everyone to create their own indoor garden. Compared with a growing room, this grow ..
Poles Ø30x0.6 mm - Steel Q195 - Galvanized Plastic Corners PP Transparent - 8 mm thick Water Tray 800 g double linedSpace Booster InclusWeb Plant Support Inclus (wired)Bag Fabric 600D Revision: R3.00Weight: 141 kgDimensions: 600 x 360 x 242 (302 - 362) cmWebIT: 4x 300x150 cm, in stringSocks: Doubl..
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