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HOMEbox® Accessories

single Drying Net stage for all Homeboxes and Growlabs..
The original Eastside Impex Homebox DRYNET The Drynet allows you to dry your plants directly in your Homebox or Growlab, with really no hassle. The Drynet comes in a handy round bag and its ready to use in a matter of seconds. Simply undo the zippers on the bag and the layers of the drynet will op..
As every gardener knows, tidiness and cleanliness in a Growbox are important factors to success. The HOMEbox Equipment Board is a new addition to our add-ons, enabling every HOMEbox user to tidy up their own grow tent. The Equipment Board is made of high quality powder coated steel. It offers suffic..
There’s a perfect fit for drying your herbsFor once and for all have your herbs dried perfectly!No more crooked looks when people smell something “weird”.Yup, we gotcha covered - Odor Free, Means you can hang it anywhere. With the Wedryer you can stop worrying about getting mold or being stressed a..
Replacement odor filter for Wedryer XL drying net. With the use of the filter you can easily dry herbs and spices in your home, without worrying about unpleasant odors, bulky machines and mold.  Specification of Anti-odor filter for WeDryer XL - Innovative Charcoal filter Development- Compatible f..
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