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Grow Kit Expert 400W
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Grow Kit Expert 400W

Price per Unit (1 брой): 702.53 € 632.27 €You Save: -10%• Тегло: 19 кг.
702.53 € 632.27 €You Save: -10%
  • GrowLab 100 100x100x200cm
  • Lamp:  GIB Lighting Flower Spectre Xtreme 400W HPS - 128000 phyto lumens
  • Ballast: Digital Lumatek NXE 400W wired
  • Reflector: Adjust a Wing Medium 400-600W with super spreader kit
  • Easy Roller: 2pcs. up to 10kg
  • Mechanical timer: Omnirex
  • Ventilator: Prima Klima/G-Systems 230/420m3/h, O 125 mm, with controler - temperature and minimum speed.

Recommended plants:10


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