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Green House Feeding BioBloom 125g

Green House Feeding BioBloom 125g
Green House Feeding BioBloom 125g
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For extraordinary cultivation results, the manufacturer was able to develop this all-in-one fertilizer by using latest technology for the production. Green House fertilizer supplies plants with all necessary macro- and micronutrients and natural minerals. Next to NPK it contains calcium, magnesium, micronutrients, as well as beneficial mold fungi and bacteria, which support the microbiological activity in the soil and a faster decomposition of the organic substances. This fertilizer is especially for the blooming phase of all plants. The combination of bio-minerals and organics delivers all the essential nutrients.

- Naturally improves the immune system of the plants
- Enhances the root development
- Can be used with almost any water (EC 0,0 dS/cm to 1,0 dS/cm)
- Requires less adaption of the pH-value
- Increases the quality of the soil
- No accumulation of salts in the substrate

Scope of supply:
- Powder fertilizer in reclosable bag
- Measuring spoon

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