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CANNA Nitrogen (N27%) 1 L

CANNA Nitrogen (N27%) 1 L

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CANNA Nitrogen (N27%) 1 L
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CANNA Nitrogen
Nitrogen is a vital element for the plant, it plays a major role in synthesising protein and energy metabolism and as such is essential for the plant’s development.

It also has an influence on chlorophyll, DNA and secondary metabolites and increases resistance.Liquid nitrogen can be absorbed directly by the plant and this works to promote vegetative growth.

CANNA’s mononutrients should be used if there is a shortage or urgent shortage of nutritional elements. Use prevents and compensates for nutrient deficiencies and in this way makes a high yield safe.

Calcium, magnesium, iron and a mix of trace elements are available as well as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium which are the main nutritional elements. You should regard mononutrients as medicine that should only be used when it is really necessary.

Directions of Use
This mineral fertilizer contains 27% N. It contains: ammonium 6%, amid nitrogen 11% and nitrate 10% as well as MgO 2.5% and CaO 6.5%). Liquid nitrogen can be mixed with most fertilizers apart from those containing concentrated sulphate.

To be applied as a nitrogen fertilizer in the case of a nitrogen deficiency and during the generative phase.
As a supplementary remedy to stimulate growth:
Use: With the nutrient solution or by foliar feeding (1ml/l).
1-2 ml per litre of water.

A good fertilizer will contain all the essential elements in the correct proportions. Therefore, proceed with caution when determining the dose; an overdose could be harmful to the plant!