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Biobizz BIO-GROW 500 ml

Biobizz BIO-GROW 500 ml
Biobizz BIO-GROW 500 ml
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Biobizz BIO-GROW 500 ml
Biobizz BIO-GROW 500 ml

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Biobizz BIO-GROW 500 ml
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BioBizz Bio Grow is an all organic growth promoter made from 100% Dutch sugar beet extract. This potent growth formula is a complete fertiliser solution containing everything your plants need. Enriched with 70 trace elements, natural sugars, humic acids, kelp, and vitamins B1, B2, C and E; Bio Grow is one of the best organic growth promoters out there.

BioBizz Bio Grow has an NPK ratio of 4-3-6 and is a well balanced fertiliser. Designed for use with mostly all types of soil, Bio Grow primarily works by activating bacteria in the soil which in turn helps boost the vegetative growth of your plants.  

With a high concentration of nitrogen, Bio Grow is most suitable for use during the vegetative stage of development and is perfect for continued use on herbs and leafy greens. However, it can be administered throughout the entire growth period on all plants, and is used by many growers as a plant tonic during the flowering and fruiting stages.

Key features of Bio Grow include:

  • High nitrogen concentration for vigorous vegetative growth
  • An abundance of trace elements, sugars, vitamins and humic acids for healthy plants
  • All-organic complete fertiliser solution made entirely from sugar beet extract
  • Ideal for organic gardeners and those growing in soil