DiamondBox Silver Line SL240

Price per Unit (1 piece): 449,43 €
• Product Weight: 30.00 Kilogramme
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Finally, the growboxes of the new DiamondBox Silver Line series is available, and like the name adumbrates, the internal material was improved with a high-reflective, silver mylar-foil, which guarantees optimal reflection and your plants can flourish. This is only one out of many advantages of this growbox. Especially the price, as well as the general high-quality manufacture are convincing. To the additional quality features belongs the light- and airproof external material, where the focus lies in the robustness of the material. The lightproof zippers are hard-wearing and also robustly processed.

Features like the vents for supply and exhaust air, cable openings, viewing windows with mesh insect screen, plastic carabiner with eyelet for the fixation of the open door, as well as a transportation bag starting at the size of the SL200, also belong to the scope of supply.

Altogether the growboxes from DiamonBox are of high quality and have a fair price ? convince yourself.

Technical details SL240:
- Dimensions assembled: 240x240x200 cm
- Dimensions shipping box 1: 106x36x16 cm
- Dimensions shipping box 2: 106x36x12 cm
- Corner connections: plastic plug-in system
- Round outlets: 6
top:2x Ø315 mm
right: 2x Ø250mm
back: 2x Ø100 mm
- Doors: 2
- 2x Mesh-insect screen: 40 x 20 mm
- Stabilization rack: 8
- Fixation belt : 6
- External material: robust light- and airproof material
- Internal material: coating with high reflective Mylar-foil in silver
- Floor: removeable waterproof floor mat
- Color: black
- Weight: 44,9 kg
- Stabiles frame Ø22mm
- Transportation bag: included


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