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  • Model: ED61-208EU
  • Weight: 0.65kg
  • SKU: ED61-208EU

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The digital humidifier controller controls the humidity in rooms and keep it constantly high. The humidifier controller have to be connected between foger and main power. On one knob can be set the desired humidity. The controller switch the foger on and off.

The controller comes as a finished part and is ready to use. This reliable fan controller comes complete with a sealed water resistant cover, plugs with flap-lids and a low voltage sensor making it perfect for humid rooms. The sensor comes with a 4meter long cable.


Sizes and technical data's:

Case: WxHxD = 130x80x70mm
Controller: WxHxD = 160x100x90mm
Designed for: 2x600W / TRIAC 2x16A
Volts: 230V / 50HZ
Digital sensor    5V Measures humidity accuracy ±4.5%rh
Protection class IP44