The room you choose plays a major role in growing plants. This is an easy task for advanced gardeners, but many new professionals face problems when it comes time to decide on the volume and products they will use. Below we will present you three options: Beginners, Advanced and Pro, which will be in perfect value for money, as well as arranged according to the space they will occupy and the amount you will have to give.


 For a start we will start with a growbox, which measures 120x120x200 cm. (HOMEbox Ambient Q120). In this space you can collect between 6 and 9 plants according to the sizes you want to achieve. We should add the two most important factors in indoor cultivation, namely lighting and ventilation.


As this is a more budget option you will use MH and HPS lighting. It consists of three components: ballast, reflector and most importantly: bulb. Use the most optimal reflector option. For ballast we highly recommend GIB PRO-V-T 600W and cables for it. The bulb you will use will be a GIB Xtreme 600W. It's a good idea to add an Easy Roller kit to control the distance between the light and the plants. Since no one likes the idea of ​​turning the lights on and off every day at the right time, we will add a timer so that you do not have to deal with unnecessary obligations.


 The volume of the fan to be used depends mainly on the number and watts of the selected bulbs. The optimal option for our chosen bulb will be Prima Klima 125-EUP 230 / 420m3. This will be mandatory. However, if your room requires it, you could add an Alu-Flex 125mm air duct to get the air out (recommended) and a filter to get rid of unwanted odors. It will be Prima Klima 480m3. The air in the box must be constantly circulating in the space, so there must be another fan for circulation. If you want to learn more about ventilation you can read our guide here.


 To be more than a successful gardener, you must have complete control of the growing environment, so we recommend using ADWA pH and EC meters. This will significantly increase your yields. As well as a thermo-hygrometer for climate monitoring.


 We continue with the second option. If you think you are already advanced enough and have been successful, it is time to increase production, and this is done with more space. This time you will use HOMEbox Q300 + 300x300x220 cm and instead of a few larger plants, the space will be compacted with 100 small plants to get a "green lawn".


The optimal lighting for this space are 6x 600W bulbs. But let's add the Extra version. In it you can install either 8x 600W or 4x 1000W. In both cases the bulbs will be GIB Xtreme 600W or Papillon PAPILLON E-LIGHT 1000W. Keep in mind that if you choose to put 8 bulbs, it is very likely that the temperature in the growbox will become too high and you will need to install cooling reflectors, otherwise we will use Adjust-A-Wing Medium. Instead of a regular timer, this time you can turn on all the luminaires in the TimerBox 6x600W or 8x600W for the Extra option.


  You will use two fans for this system: the input will be Prima Klima 250EC-Blue and the output Prima Klima 300/315 Blue Line. The reasons for having two fans here are the following:

1. You have a lot of excess heat from the lighting fixtures that has to leave the space.

2. Control of temperature, humidity and negative. pressure

 You will need a controller to control these factors. The most optimal and easy option is that of G-Systems.

 If you want to get rid of unwanted odors, the filter that will fit into this feature will be Prima Klima 3600m3.

 For successful air circulation you will need internal fans located in the 4 lower corners of the 4x Honeywell Turbo-Ventilator, and in the upper corners 4 weaker Clip Fan fans.

Necessary accessories

 Because our Medium Grow system is advanced, we want to offer products that will not only make your life easier, but also increase the yield of your system.

 1. First of all, you can install an automatic irrigation system Wilma 10. In the space you have can fit 10 pieces and you have about 70 cm wide path in the middle from one end of the growbox to the other to reach each plant and tank.

2. With the G-Systems Irrigation Controller you only need to set when and how much you want the whole system to be watered and you will never have to deal with it again.

3. A thermo-hygro meter is a must to monitor the climate in your groovebox.

4. You can use the Bluelab Combo Meter to measure pH and ECC levels, with which you can easily and quickly check the condition of the nutrient solution in each tank.

5. As moisture control is extremely important, it is advisable to wear a Ventilution 8L humidifier.


  We come to the largest and most technologically advanced option. Here we are already abstracting from the idea of ​​growboxing and moving to a room measuring 15x5 m. This requires some preparation. The place should be well insulated, not too humid and not too cold in winter or warm in summer (but you can always use air conditioning or some kind of stove). In this room you will collect exactly 300 plants, leaving enough space to work on them and free movement in space. As you will hardly find such a room with already installed reflective walls, they must be covered with reflective foil.


 In such large rooms, the more light, the better and therefore we will not compromise, but directly choose Papillon E-Light 1 000W. Since this is a kit that comes with a reflector and ballast, you will not have to buy them additionally and connect them accordingly. The heat produced by the lamp is not released directly into the plants, but through the air, which acts as a carrier. Thanks to the concept of the open reflector, the hot spot under the lamp is avoided.


 You will need 2 Prima Klima 355/400 Blue Line outlet fans and one Prima Klima 300/315 inlet fan to ventilate the room. Of course, in case of an odor problem, you can also add filters to them Prima Klima 4700m3. To control them, we recommend the installation of a G-Systems 16A Fan controller to control the humidity, temperature and pressure in the room. 7 Sturm 3s will be enough for the air circulation.

Necessary accessories

As we have already said, there will be 300 pots in the system. They will come from the set of Autopot easy2grow 100. Exactly 3 sets will fit in the 15x5m room.

2. Because the tanks will be full of solutions containing food. substances will not need to measure the pH and ECC values ​​separately because above each of them you can put BlueLab Station. Once placed all you have to do is take a quick look at them and you will know if everything is normal

3. In case of moisture problems you can always take 4 Ventilution Humidifier 8L