In this article we will give you a way to abruptly and successfully start seeds as well as information on what to do next. Before we continue, we want to emphasize that there are many ways to sow plants, as well as the fact that they vary from plant to plant. Our method will be relevant for most types of seasonal plants, for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

1. About the seed

Here we will use an extremely easy method that has a huge chance of success as well as a few additional features. We will use a product called EasyPlug. These small cubes are made from all-natural products that contain all the nutrients a young plant needs. There are several reasons for using them:

  •  The ratio of air and water with proper watering is always perfect. Young plants need oxygen to grow. Many novice gardeners make the mistake of watering small plants and then suffocating them or rotting their roots, while with EasyPlug these chances are drastically reduced.
  • They contain nutrients that young plants need. Every single element that a small plant may need in the first 2-3 weeks is present in the arsenal of cubes.
  • They decompose over time. Unlike Grodan cubes for hydroponic systems, Eazy Plug cubes decompose over time, contributing to more vibrant and clean soil.
  • They have optimal pH and EC levels for the needs of plants.
  • They can absorb more water than normal soil, which will prevent rapid drying and therefore lost plants.

Note: Do not feed the cubes with additional nutrients in the first 2-3 weeks of growth!

2. The perfect growing environment

The use of a propagator is not mandatory. However, if we want to increase the chances of the plant to grow and at the same time speed up this process as much as possible, then the use of this product is not in question. The main reasons are the following:

- Controlled growing environment. In the propagator you have full control over the atmosphere or more specifically - humidity and temperature. The optimal values ​​are 65-70% humidity and 20-25C when the lamps are on or 15-20 C when they are off.

- You can add a heating pad. The main idea behind it is that in the first place you will achieve optimal temperatures for the development of the plant, which in turn will reward you with faster growth and secondly you will be able to raise the moisture in the propagator to optimal levels. reward with the same.

3. Additional products

If you have already completed the first two steps and 2-3 weeks have passed, it is time to sow the plant in an environment in which it can grow. This includes two things:

- Soil is extremely important. The ideal soil can absorb much more water than commercially available soils, is full of microbes and nutrients and last but not least creates conditions for the passage of air. From we recommend Gold Label Light Mix and Special Mix as one of the best quality soils in the world and a KIWA certificate that proves it.

- Root stimulants are extremely popular among gardeners as well as among the main brands of fertilizers. CANNA has its Rhizotonic, Plagron with their Power Roots, HESI-Root Complex, BioBizz-Root Juice, etc. The last ones we will list are our favorite and highly recommended Rootbastic by Atami and Root Stimulator by Advanced Hydroponics of Holland.